GE: X Day 4, Image Review

As I reported in our Highs and Lows article, it’s been a pretty generic day, either that or we are just extremely burned out.

Please send care/aid/drug packages to Saltcon UK, PO Box HAHAHAHA JOKES, like I’m going to release our address, the IPCC are after us for slander and I’d rather not let them know where we are.

SALTCON is running its own propaganda competition alongside a possible official MHOC one. The best video and image will each get a £10 Amazon voucher. Results will be announced once campaigning has ended.



  • I am European by ViktorHR
  • Empty Chair by JackWilfred


  • Overloaded Billboard by LeChevaliermal-Fait
  • Jumping the gun on coalitions by Green Party
  • Missing candidates by -plate-equals-wide-cup

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