What is this website?

This website is a new development to document, report and shitpost about the canon and meta events of MHOC and the Model World. We also have specialists in the monitoring and measurement of salt in the Model World, our reports culminate in a rating from One to Five to help people understand the magnitude of these events.

What exactly is the SALTCON Scale?

The SALTCON Scale was developed initially as a system of alert based on DEFCON by the MHOC Main Chat. It has evolved into a Richter Scale system and prescribes five graduated magnitudes of drama for the Model World. It increases in severity from SALTCON 5 (least severe) to SALTCON 1 (most severe) to match varying drama and salty situations.

When is it updated?

Every drama that registers on the SALTCON Scale will have a magnitude assigned, as events develop that magnitude may increase or decrease. All relevant articles will have a timestamp for when a certain magnitude was reached.

So what are the magnitudes?

  • SALTCON 5 – Lowest magnitude but still registrable for small spats that are localized.
  • SALTCON 4 – Increased awareness due to the possibility of collateral damage, but overall not dangerous.
  • SALTCON 3 – Heightened damage has been sustained and the moderation is actively issuing aid.
  • SALTCON 2 – Immediate threat to account status (bans), the damage is plentiful and casualties are growing.
  • SALTCON 1 – Massive damage is caused. Chats are locked down by the mods and bans are expected.