This article is breaking, meaning it is incomplete as the facts are still being developed. It will be updated periodically.

This morning the PM took to twitter to announce a full cabinet reshuffle starting at 7pm on 30/07/19. At present nobody is sure what has prompted the reshuffle, except maybe that he’s a bit bored.

PM confirms Cabinet Reshuffle

This is in the wake of polls released which show the Conservatives and Labour are a lot closer than expected in several key battleground constituencies, along with a rapidly closing gap nationally. Sources from CCHQ say the Conservatives are not panicked but are definitely concerned about the upcoming election after a recent exodus of premier talent from the party.

A reshuffle is definitely a bold move, considering the budget is still being read in the House, will we see the Chancellor sacked? Time will tell!

Update 1: An unverified leak has stated that the LPUK Ministers will not be reshuffled, leaving only the Conservatives.

Update 2: We spoke to a Conservative Spokesperson who confirmed that only Conservatives will be reshuffled. He also confirmed that the Great Offices of State are not included in the reshuffle. Finally, he clarified that this is more of a “Conservative Spokesperson reshuffle” to ready up for the election.

Update 3: Saltcon Editor Padanub was caught outside the Burrito truck in Westminster by a Number 10 source who said that the Reshuffle was targeting the culture and the rot that was put in place by Anomalie and Charlotte_Star before they left the party. He claimed a large amount of Cronyism under Starcfcs reign as Chief Whip and that bullying was rife. The reshuffle primarily aims to streamline the whips office.

We’ll bring you more as the story develops.

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