Late last night, after the Mayor of Auckland, /u/Timewalker102 (or ON), defected to the Conservative Party, in a move that was no way influenced by him, /u/TheOWOTriangle, leader of the Conservative Party and their sole MP, made an announcement, claiming that there had been a “communication error”, and that he was never in the official opposition.

Fresh3001, the man who had coordinated the announcement and who serves as the National Party advisor tweeted that “Triangle himself admitted that it was due to the pressure of disgraced Auckland Mayor One Nation, not due to any sort of “miscommunication”. Why the Conservative Party leader would resort to blatant lies when the factual situation is entirely clear is beyond me.”
TheOWOTriangle responded by saying this-

New Zealand First, unsurprisingly, took TheOWOTriangle’s side. But we have obtained leaked messages from an ‘Anoni Mos Sauce’ inside the National Party, who revealed a string of messages between TheOWOTriangle and Fresh3001.

As you can see, despite TheOWOTriangle initally showing reluctance, he then agrees to join. But if that wasn’t clear enough, he agrees to accept the portfolios of Primary Industries and Culture, by saying “I’ll take both.” It’s blatantly clear that the leader of the Conservatives has egg on his face. But the Mayor of Auckland then proceeded to dance around in egg. Enjoy.


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