Bombs were dropped on Westminster tonight as Deputy Prime Minister /u/CDocwra stepped out to make a statement in Newmarket. It was briefed to the press that he would be giving a short speech backing /u/TwistedNuke however he came out swinging for the Classical Liberals and confirmed he will be stepping down come October 28th.

The Statement

Within the statement /u/CDocwra confirms that he has lost the will to fight for his values and ideology and subsequently his party and government, surely proof of the mounting pressure of the government from the opposition parties.

I fear though that I have lost the heart for the fight, that I have allowed failure and constant and brutal attacks on those values to eat away at me for too long without being able to stoke the fire in my heart and burn the doubts away.

He confirms as well that he is concerned about the lack of bipartisanship within the Commons (lol American politics), something we rarely see in such a vicious political system such as ours. We’re not sure what his goal was in identifying this problem, as politics is notoriously partisan, especially in today’s modern era.

We’d be excited to give you a list of achievements he has as Deputy Prime Minister, but there aren’t any.

Once /u/CDocwra steps down, we’ll see a major Classical Liberal operation to elect a new leader and ultimately potentially a new Deputy Prime Minister to serve alongside the Prime Minister.

The Saltcon Research Team has happily put together a list of potential replacements for the short-lived leader:

  • Duncs11 – A fan favourite and the first leader of the party who ran unopposed. Already the CLib chat is calling for the man, the myth, the legend to return.
  • TwistedNuke – Odds on favourite who lost out by a single vote last time, a storied member with much respect.

Other contenders we expect may pitch a run

  • nbgeordie
  • TheFallenHero
  • Saunders16

We will endeavour to keep you updated on the upcoming election and the appointment of a new Deputy Prime Minister, if you’ve got any leaks you’d like to submit in this regard please us


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