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Twitter has been a lively place of late and sometimes some incendiary comments sneak by, but today we’ve been on the ball and caught an absolute blinder.

Keep being a mong InfernoPlato

TheFallenHero – Foreign Secretary

Foreign Secretary TheFallenHero today issued a tweet calling InfernoPlato a “mong” while ranting and raving about something called “meta” and “IRL”. Twitter is well known to of caught several politicians out but this is one of the nastiest targetings of an insult I’ve seen since we started using the platform. You could say he has become a bit of a Fallen Hero for the Liberal Alliance.

For our Foreign Readers, Mong is essentially an offensive slur used against the disabled, in particular those in wheelchairs suffering cerebral palsy and those with Down Syndrome. Our friends at the UrbanDictionary sum it up here

Mong is also derived from the term mongoloid, an insanely offensive term for a mentally retarded person. Alternatively it could be derived from mongrel, either way the Foreign Secretary still made a catastrophic error of judgement in using it.

Twitter erupted in uproar and naturally, the Foreign Secretary faced several calls to resign, with one member pointing out how he as someone with autism was personally offended.

We attempted to contact the government for a comment but unfortunately all the Liberal Democrats were offline and the Classical Liberals had their thumbs up their ass, all we got was a sad twitter apology from the man himself. Senior sources did confirm however that the Prime Minister was furious with the Foreign Secretary.

We also contacted poor victimized and totally not playing this for sympathy InfernoPlato, it was difficult to understand him as he was so red in the face but he managed to give us this;

The stuff below this line is non-canon and should be treated as such.

Shortly after this shitcano erupted on Twitter TheFallenHero made his donation to charity and then promptly dared InfernoPlato to put his money where his mouth is and make a donation too. This sets an insane precedent, imagine if I called your mother the N word and then made HER donate to charity to atone for it. Fucking madness.

It also sets really bad juju for the monetisation of MHOC, since when can we make IRL Charity Donations and brag about them IN CANON (yeah he posted it to twitter) and then brag about how “this government has donated more money to charity than the opposition vote for us”.

Unfuckingbelievably shameful here and pricing people out of the argument and the campaign trail, it’s also incredibly callous to call someone out financially on a game dominated by teenagers.


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