Closing day! Ring the bell! Light the beacons! The end is coming and we should all rejoice!

To keep you up to date we have decided to create a Highs and Lows of the campaign for each day, to help you understand what weird and wonderful things are happening on the trail.


NUP Candidate for the 13th Century bows to a student

Bowing? Really? Either this student was pretty enough to be considered a King/Queen or this candidate forgot what century he was in, either way, it’s hilarious to watch the footage.

Classical Liberal cements reputation as part of the Elitist 1% with a home-made orchestra.

A real high here. Most politicians spend their time trying to prove they’re in touch with the ordinary fella, the working class man, but, this candidate seems determined to rub shoulders with the aristocracy instead.

Sorry bloke, he doesn’t realize they don’t control the elections in this country anymore. Maybe try Zimbabwe.

Labour candidate launches his campaign, 30 minutes before the end of campaigning.

This is just, too funny.


LPUK Candidate gives a rousing speech… but forgets to give anyone other than the five attendees a transcript.

So.. what was said? Why release notification of a big speech if you won’t give us any details shy of “I did a speech inside a building to some guys who like me”. WHAT IS THE POINT.

Conservative Candidate rents a white van but stops short of painting free sweets on the side

I get what he’s probably trying to do, appeal to the white van man vote, seem like a proper working class candidate and down to earth. This isn’t a good way to do it. Middle-aged white men in vans who do nothing but tour the country and pop out to chat are very suspicious.

In fact, to save you a click. National Unionist Leader Britboy3456 made a series of campaign posts where the effort was so low it actually pains me to read them. Here’s the entire text for one of them,

People of Cumbria, I commend VLBjpg to you today. A past member of the Conservatives, a past leader of the NUP. He’s right for the right-wing, he has experience, and he will #ProtectBritain!

Crowd roars!

Don’t forget, we have our round-up Highs and Lows for the whole election still to come!


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