Hello folks and welcome back to our Election Coverage!!!!!!!!

Golly gosh it’s been a storm so far, we estimate well over 300 posts now and we’re only 38-ish hours into the election. This really is becoming a heavy campaign.

To keep you up to date we have decided to create a Highs and Lows of the campaign for each day, to help you understand what weird and wonderful things are happening on the trail.

Before we enter today’s review, I have to just write a small section that is entirely META. Today UnownUzer posted a campaign rally in which he heavily plagiarized several Trump speeches, which in itself isn’t okay because we’re trying to reward creativity and originality.

Not just that but in the speech he called for (and his audience responded positively) for the death of all liberal MPs, with his audience yelling “KILL THEM!” back. It’s extremely important that we as a community do not allow this sort of crap to dilute and pollute our campaigning system and I’d like to thank the mods for their quick action in regards to it.


Eiriktherod finds the last remaining cove of Pirates in the UK.

Jack Sparrow must be upset at this one as the Libertarian stumbles upon either the weirdest LARP Session in the North or a meeting of the local Pirate Party. Either way, it makes for some pretty strange reading.

Duncs decides that losing sucks, so rather than lose and politics he decides to thrash some kids in the egg and spoon race

Duncs is a notorious loser of elections, especially hard fought bitter ones, so we can only assume he became sick of it when he decided to host a carnival with bouncy castles and school sports day races. Our editor Padanub definitely won the sack race.

Unknown NUP Candidate causes chaos as he blocks the country lanes of West Lancashire with a bizarre tractor parade

When I drive to Bridlington to visit my nana, we often get stuck behind the odd tractor, maybe a caravan, but imagine getting stuck behind ten! This is every motorists worst nightmare and the fact that this candidate thought it would bring him more votes to pander to farmers than motorists is definitely a high point of his career.


Local bishop-wannabe begins his campaign by saying the Church is overrun by gays and women

I’m lost for words on this one, he’s campaigning on pure religion here and it borders on illegal almost. A real low point here, especially when your party has to disavow your views.

Classical Liberal demands locals sit through his four hour amateur poetry recital


NUP Candidate calls the nations media and their voters together to read Wikipedia at them for an hour

Another bizarre event, gathering the media and their constituents to read the definition of liberalism to them from Wikipedia, only to then ignore the definition and label Liberals as reactionary. Odd.

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