Another day, another 100+ campaign posts. Unfortunately, our research team has the proud task to have to read them all, and there is some serious rubbish in there.

To keep you up to date we have decided to create a Highs and Lows of the campaign for each day, to help you understand what weird and wonderful things are happening on the trail.


Northern Irish First Minister meets with android on the campaign trail

This is a fantastic high for today, just read the exchange between him and the resident and how unbelievably stiff and almost artificially created it is. Now, our editor lives in an extremely rural and extremely aristocratic area of Sussex, but even his neighbours don’t answer the door with

Oh hello, Sir, why have you come here

Conservative Candidate goes granny bashing at the Bingo

So, not only did this candidate turn up at the Bingo to run a game for the pensioners of South East London, but he turned up as a surprise, ensuring that atleast four of them will have suffered from an angina attack.

Libertarian Candidate gives a speech on the NHS…in a private hospital

If I have to explain the irony here, then I’d suggest you re-take your GCSE Citizenship Course.


Liberal Democrat plagiarizes Donald Trump

I’ve heard of reverse populism, but copying an ardent opponent of your ideology? Good lord they must be desperate.

Notorious NUP Candidate marches with Union Jacks against Immigration

This isn’t an official image from the march, but I can guarantee it will have looked like this


Classical Liberal candidate recites Nursery Rhymes, aiming his campaigning at Toddlers that can’t vote

First we had four hours of poetry recitals, then an Wikipedia readings, now Nursery Rhymes? When will the madness of English Literature end.



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