So, we’ve had our first day of campaigning with a lot more to come, so we thought we’d start looking at what is being posted in a bit more depth.

SALTCON is running its own propaganda competition alongside a possible official MHOC one. The best video and image will each get a £10 Amazon voucher. Results will be announced once campaigning has ended.


Opening day and already we’ve seen an unbelievable amount of images, so to make this easy on me, my hosting solution and your eyes I’ll post the best and worst three so far, then below a full gallery.

To clarify, by best we do not just mean the nicest to look at/best design, we are looking at Design, Useability, Realism and Purpose.


  • Wagbo signs in the front yards of constituents by Wagbo_
  • Billboard poster for Scotlands transport by JackWilfred
  • Personal Newsletter from DrCaeserMD by DrCaeserMD


  • Colourizing Politics by -XavierP-
  • Vote Green in Cumbria by what’s_wrong_with_it
  • Democracy in the UK by plate-equals-

Due to hosting issues we cannot offer the gallery as yet.


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