So, we’ve had our first day of campaigning with a lot more to come, so we thought we’d start looking at what is being posted in a bit more depth.

SALTCON is running its own propaganda competition alongside a possible official MHOC one. The best video and image will each get a £10 Amazon voucher. Results will be announced once campaigning has ended.


Opening day and already we’ve seen some videos, so let’s talk about them! Purely because this year we’ve seen a big increase. Old-fashioned campaigning used to see many far right and far left videos come out mainly as memes, but now we’re starting to see some serious attempts

Liberal Democrats Party Political Broadcast

A lovely idea with this video, but shame about the quality. Grainy images and music that makes me feel like this is going to be an advert for a movie about Gnomes. The text paces a bit slowly at the end and the White background on the Liberal Democrat Logo really upsets me. A solid 6/10.

ToastInRadio reads the Manifesto with guests

I’ve not watched the full thing, nor will I. But if you want to see a bunch of folks reading Manifestos and memeing this is your stop.

Tory Budget is Coming Home

A traditional video here, with floating text names and text-to-speech software filling in song lyrics. A harkening back to the old days of campaigning, but is this a little outdated now? 7/10.


Giraffist has created a weirdly high production quality song, the only thing its missing is a speed read of something like “This was paid for by Giraffist for parliament” and some other legal mumbo-jumbo, but this is something I really really enjoy. 9/10.

The Conservatives as well have created a rather high production quality PPB, it’s a shame about its speed but it showcases some real talent and clever minimalism, really clean design. It’s not very on brand though. 8/10.

Which was your favourite? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for our big Election Propaganda Roundup at the end of campaigning to see who wins the big prize!


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