A live action recreation of the Quad (Aragorn, Theoden, Legolas and Gimli) and the community fighting off the horde of illegal campaign posts and law breaches (the uruk-hai). Until Padanub (Gandalf) comes to save them with SALTCON (Eomer and the Rohirrim).


Political Parties and candidates breaking the rules isn’t a new phenomenon. Unfortunately for us, it seems to be a lot rifer this election, than in recent history.

The Saltcon Research Team has spent a lot of time analysing various events to build the following dossier on breaches of electoral law in General Election X.

To help you understand our structure for this document, we have the following key;

CATEGORY – All breaches will be categorized by the law they breached.

COLOUR – All breaches will then be coloured

  • Green is for breaches that the Saltcon Legal Team believe will result in fines/jail time
  • Grey is for breaches that the Saltcon Legal Team believe the result depends on the strictness of the Electoral Commission, they do give allowances for “regular hospitality”
  • Red is for potential breaches that the Saltcon Legal Team believe warrant further investigation, as there isn’t enough information to comfortably fit into the other categories, but enough to inspire investigation.

Everything with a colour below is a hyperlink.



Under electoral law, the giving of food, drink, entertainment and non-monetary gifts to inspire or infer that voters should vote for you is illegal and subject to an Unlimited Fine or Six Months in Jail.

Television & Radio Adverts

Under electoral law and OFCOM regulations, parties are allocated slots (maximum of five minutes) for advertisements on broadcast channels (this includes radio) and must abide by a formula, devised and regulated by Parliament, to ensure fairness of allocation. This means some parties may be allowed 4 adverts over the campaign period, while some 2, usually based off previous vote percentage.

Below we have attached the number of adverts per party, we refer all of these to the Electoral Commission and OFCOM for an investigation to ensure fairness standards and OFCOM regulation has not been breached.

  • Classical Liberals – 1
  • Conservatives – 4
  • Liberal Democrats – 2
  • Libertarians – 5
  • One Love – 2
  • Plaid Cymru – 1
  • Labour – 2 (I think)


This is a huge issue in Politics. It is an offence to release a false statement of fact. The Electoral Commission have some enforcement powers here, but these tend to be court cases taken up by individuals and/or parties. Due to the court-nature of these, they are all marked red.

The Conservative party claim Labour have plagiarized their previous manifesto

Libertarian Candidate claims Conservative candidate does not know the location of his constituency

The Liberal Democrats claim the Conservatives & Labour are burning petitions

New Britain candidate claims his opponent (Lib Dem) called or will call voters dumb

New Britain candidate uses profanity to describe opponent (this is more of a conduct breach, which the Electoral Commission also regulates)

Labour release a letter full of unproven statements of fact that probably need investigating

Found something you think is illegal or breaches regulations? Let Saltcon know in the comments below!


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