In a particularly boring campaign day, our monetisation team we’re really excited when news came through that there had been a suspension AND a resignation on the campaign trail, this would guarantee the views come flooding in.

Chairman of the National Unionist Party resigns and quits the Campaign

In a rather stunning move the usually close-knit National Unionist Party was blown wide open by the resignation of a senior member and key candidate in the upcoming General Election.

Vitiate resigned in the early hours, not just from his role as Chairman, but from the party and from the entire campaign. A lot of reasons could be cited for the resignation, especially with notorious UnownUzer returning and putting the more socially moderate members into conflict with him.

We caught up with Vitiate and asked him a few questions, in an attempt to get a deeper look at the issues he found prevalent.

E = Our editor, V = Vitiate

E: Thanks for responding to our call today Vitiate, we’ll get right into it as I know your phone is off the hook at the moment with calls. What exactly happened today?

V: Over the course of the election, there have been rising tension within the NUP about the status of the LGBT community within the United Kingdom. I obviously disagreed with their homophobic view and they did not like this. It culminated in a joke event I did in Lanarkshire with Xavier which led to me resigning.

E: Alright, so why exactly did you resign? What other reasons were there?

V: I resigned for two reasons; I cannot work with the core of the NUP membership which can only be described as homophobic, bigoted and old fashioned and I am no longer compatible with the authoritarian views of the NUP such as an imposition of a state religion and its take on secularisation.

E: What can the party do to restore your confidence?

V: Removing the extremists would be a wonderful way for the NUP to move forward, however, I do not believe they can regain my confidence and which is why I have left the party.

E: So what’s next for you? What are your plans?

V: I couldn’t possibly comment on this at this precise moment.

E: Thanks for your time today, good luck for the future.

Editors Comments: This is a tough loss for the National Unionist Party, the leadership is dominated by the more moderate wing of the Party and they really held the tide of alt-right members at bay for a long time. This election however has seen some insane comments from the alt-right wing.

One brazen showcase of disloyalty was when R_Temple openly said he would always defy the Party Whip, as his whip came from God and the Church. It is sad therefore to see the moderates finally starting to cave at the persistent pressure being heaped on them.

It is a wonder now if the moderate wing will start taking harsher action, to protect itself, its members and the party.

Libertarian Candidate for Hampshire North is suspended by Party Leadership

A bit of a weird one for this, mainly in the fact that it took a lot of time and several quiet whispers into high-level ears.

A few days into the Campaign, AScottishElephant released a local manifesto, to try and extol the virtues of his candidacy. This manifesto was quickly picked up on by his opponents, pundits and national commentators for:

  1. Exceptionally bad grammar and spelling
  2. Deviation from national Libertarian policy
  3. Lack of local knowledge
  4. Awful formatting errors
  5. Vague policy
  6. Pitting the UK Fishing Industry against the nefarious global “sign fishermen”

This led to wide ridicule over the Twittersphere and a few other media sites as many expected quick action from the Libertarian Party due to the divergence from national policy, but no such action came.

One particular policy of note was his dedication to deport every single foreigner on UK Soil. Deportation of foreign nationals is a pillar of far-right policy, but even most far-right policy doesn’t go as far as to demand the deportation of ALL foreigners.

AScottishElephant even had time to fit some more campaigning in before finally at 15:30 today, just shy of 24 hours since the Manifesto launch, Friedmanite announced that the candidate for Hampshire North had been suspended pending investigation on Twitter.


Editors Comments: This is a really strange case, to see someone so publicly decry their own National Party and continue to campaign under their brand is one thing, but to see the party apparatus almost frozen in time trying to deal with such an incendiary manifesto and member was mind-blowing.

The real blow here however is to the party as a whole, it is clear they do not follow through with established due diligence and vetting checks on their candidates, and it will worry their voters, who may wonder if their favoured LPUK Candidate is also a far-right subscriber.


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