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Sorry it’s late, tough day. Got a wedding tonight so Day 5 won’t exist but the review will on Saturday/Sunday.

hahahahahahaha labour want more coal mining, SUPPORT THE WORKERS

Best Images

oh god my insides
Creative, different, probably illegal and would be hilarious upside down when the wheel turns.
Unbelievably hilarious lmao, good puns and awful stock images which makes it perfect

Worst Images

Off brand and off message, you pink TWAT
This poster has literally no context and doesn’t work as a standalone. If I saw this on a billboard I’d wonder what the fuck it meant. Terrible terrible execution.
how to not do text boxes, typography or anything else design-related
Apparently the only two parties in the UK are Labour and the LPUK. Piss poor messaging

Video Review

I mean, it’s alright, but its got problems with speed (again) and text not coming in at the right time. Bit weird the random Gavin section but hey.

Carbon copy of the last one except it’s got a robot voice. Poor effort chaps.

Campaign Review

Libertarians field a candidate with special needs, very inclusive friendly. Positive Action for those with speech impediments

Bloodycontrary continues his dogging on trains


Labour candidate advertises fans novel on the campaign trail, probably breaking several thousand ethics laws

Libertarian says he saves money by not going to the gym and a Gym Bro’s reply was “you sound just like the government <insert in depth policy thought here>, where do you find these enlightened people?

Commie candidate unironically advocates for the burning of people because they’re a bit wealthier than his constituents (he’s not included in the burning even though as an MP he gets a fuckload more than his constituents)

Another Labour Candidate (after the events of the last one) then invites a load of aristocrats to his manor, I mean think of the fucking optics lmao #AristocratsforLabour. This literally flies in the face of EVERYTHING the Labour brand, stop it you MASSIVE GAY SHITE

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