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General Election XI has kicked off massively and we are pulling our coverage together to make it easier to view!

In the following thread you’ll be able to find our Image review, video review, campaign review, MTwitter review and a special new section on campaign expenditure (meta). If there’s anything else you want us to cover just give us a shout!

Best Images

Clean pastel colours really, really turn me on.
Just get in my fucking pants, really.
Shit design, shit execution but the best for the fucking BALLS of putting this out in Liverpool

Worst Images

Blurry Union Jack, that’s how the Americanised LPUK roll
This an image for ants?
Use this font again and I’ll fucking scream

Video Review

It’s been a barren and boring day and the economic prospects of video editors are tumbling. Ho! What is that over yonder! It’s a newcomer with a new video.

We aren’t really certain what to think about this video. It’s probably illegal and also the song “Side to Side” is about a dude fucking Ariana so hard she cant walk proper. If that is what the Labour candidate wants, well you’re in the wrong neighbourhood (you want the house next to nbgeordies). A slickly made video however, nice transitions and some hot eye candy, just watch the speed of the text!

Twitter Review

Fuck all happened on twitter today except some people whinging about a lack of Labour manifesto and the leader saying its because he needs to add some colour and fancy fonts

Campaign Review

Techno-Duncs goes viral within the OAP Community by broadcasting himself and his cardboard cut-outs across Cumbria in a weird public viewing fetish video

ARichTeaBiscuit does so- you know what I’m not even covering this, this is clearly fucking bait.

Glenn_Cullen screams at poor parliamentary aide, is immediately referred to counselling and Parliamentary standards authority

Plaid Cymru leader drones on for so long that even the pundits on 24/7 news channels fall asleep

Campaign Expenditure (Meta)

Using the cheapest possible estimates, we hope to keep a running tally of your campaign costs, to illustrate the amount of money that goes into these things (not just to catch you out for funsies).

Full details and breakdowns with charts will come at the end, but each day we’ll let you know who the biggest/most egregious spenders are.

WillShakespeare99 – Labour – The Battlebus – £3,785

If you include bus hire, bus branding, driving staff and petrol for five days, you’re looking at a hefty cost. It cost the Conservatives almost 80k in the last IRL election.

Purpleslug – Conservative – Scottish Billboards – £4,950

Billboards are a fairly cheap way to push a message, but when you buy them “all over scotland” the price can add up.

Duncs11 – Classical Liberal – Tech Town Hall – £3,000

Projector, Screen and sound system hire for 120 different locations for the day plus some cardboard cut outs? This is a decent chunk of cash for a gimmick.

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