Today we saw the opening of the race to be the next Prime Minister with campaigning beginning all over the country, for those that don’t watch 24/7 news (losers) it has been hard to keep up with the absolute slew of posts on /r/MHOCCampaigning.

To illustrate how insane the opening day of campaigning is, we’ve had nine hours so far and roughly 150 posts.

To keep you up to date we have decided to create a Highs and Lows of the campaign for each day, to help you understand what weird and wonderful things are happening on the trail.



KingLARhur does a camper van tour

Usually, we see our politicians in big battle buses, but in an attempt to seem a bit more down to earth and possibly pander to the hippie vote, KingLARthur has decided to go on his jollies in a Camper Van. Now it’s a shame he didn’t use a VW Camper, that would net him a lot of points, but the audacity to do a campaign in a Camper Van is hilarious. Definitely a high.

CountBradenburg takes LSD and re-enacts Alice in Wonderland

We think that CountBradenburg was high when he performed this “tea party”. One man and his dog host a public tea party to discuss the economics of cupcakes. Very strange.

Former Prime Minister sets himself on Fire to illustrate the damage of Wildfires

This is a high purely because of how batshit insane it is. We need more politicians to light themselves on fire (albeit without protective overalls).


TheChattyShow pays an actor to faint

TheChattyShow was wrapped up in his own comfort blanket of ego this morning as he went kissing babies (literally) in Cambridgeshire. Unfortunately, as doing this the ‘father’ mysteriously appeared from the local toilet and promptly “fainted from pride”. We don’t know how much the father was paid, but we reckon it was a fair bit.

Trevism goes dogging

Trevism approaches a stranger on a bridge and shows him something in his hands and then lights a cigarette. You can fill in the rest.

Serial defector confirms she will be slated for defecting

Not much to say here, other than the title. That being said she also used a Gandhi quote in front of a large rainbow tent, which I’m sure the Electoral Commission expenses department will be investigating.


Stay tuned for tomorrows update!


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