We have had a very spicy leak come in today through our new submission form

It appears Labour have in some secrecy held a Deputy Leadership election (and VoC’d their new Chief Whip). This is an absolute breach of trust, especially considering my usual leaks didn’t leak it.

So what happened? Well the results were delayed by a day because the current Leadership is inactive enough it can’t keep to its own deadline, which is fucking funny. The true story here though is the amount of votes required to pass, which is five.

No, I’m not taking the piss, in this Deputy Leadership contest Labour had a total of EIGHT votes, meaning the quota was five. Now if we take off the two people contesting the vote, that leaves SIX votes by people not running. Only six. Now bear in mind Labour has at least 20 elected representatives in the various facets of MHOC, yet only six members can be bothered to vote on their leadership?

This really shows the level of apathy within Labour for its current trajectory. We attempted to contact the Labour Leaders Office but they were unavailable for any comments. We did manage to speak to a rising gnome of the Labour Party, who completely refused to comment on the issue of 8 votes.

What is next for Labour? We asked political analyst and all-round good chap /u/BloodyContrary his opinion.

It looks like the trend for doling out senior party positions is leading to an apathetic malaise, particularly when a party is stretched across a variety of governments and administrations. The Labour Party is unquestionably the second-largest single party, in terms of membership, across the United Kingdom, but even a party of this size is finding its leadership resources stretched as it attempts to unpick the competing demands of Westminster, Stormont and Holyrood. Coupled with its below-par general election result, for Labour this would seem to signal the rising stock of the non-Westminster politician, with Labour MSPs in Holyrood holding more sway in internal party discussions and therefore rendering the leader’s deputies less relevant.

/u/BloodyContrary did also note that the same seems to be said of the Green Party, a leadership with not much interest or drive but a devolved team who hunger for more and remain general nuisances. Stay tuned for the rest of this epic saga.


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