Zesty memester and Head Chimp /u/Padanub recently reported on the activity failings within the Labour Party where they held a Deputy Leadership election in which the Leadership endorsed one candidate, so only one candidate stood.

That candidate gained a meaningful eight votes (one of which was themselves presumably) and strutted around like King Solomon in his newly finished Temple. Now we see it gets even worse! As of a couple of days ago the party had zero applicants for Deputy Whip and only one applicant for Press Officer.

A few more days pass and finally the voting thread was opened, however, and the Labour Party announced a roaring

  • Zero Candidates for Deputy Whip, a role that has now been abolished and absorbed into Chief Whip
  • One candidate for Press Officer, a newer member who has pledged to become a fire-fighter and denounce false rumours.

Critics of our previous article state that the Deputy Leadership Election was intentionally a “coronation election”, due to the membership and the leadership being so in sync that they all backed the same dude before the vote stage.

Clearly, however, this isn’t the case as this next set of elections has yet again seen complete apathy and malaise from Labour Members who simply don’t seem to care for or want to be a part of the internal party machine.

As usual, we approached our paragon of analysis and local baboon /u/BloodyContrary for comment on this hilarious update

I’m honestly just surprised that those positions are elected at all, since they’re mostly of administrative rather than political relevance; it seems that the demotion to third-largest party means less hunger for official positions, especially positions that don’t really carry any democratic cache

Recently elected Labour party deputy leader /u/Viljow commented on Twitter, taking the role of press firefighter unto himself saying

I’m surprised, saltcon isn’t what it used to be. Scraping the bottle of the barrel here, turning non-stories about frankly boring internal elections into the hottest news. I can’t say I particularly care, if the best use of your time is to get leaks to write about nothing, go ahead – I know Labour’s interesting! Surely the other parties must be feeling a little left out whilst we’re getting all the press coverage though?

Stay tuned for more in this slow lumbering, yet still epic saga!


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