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The ModelTimes handily reported yesterday that the TLC was tearing itself apart over a by-election in which the Greens were supporting an independent and Labour/Lib Dems were unsure. It was reported as well that Labour had offered the Greens a merger in Westminster to protect their seats and their poll numbers, while devolved areas would remain seperate.

Saltcon can now exclusively reveal that everything has stalled as last night Labour Leader /u/Willshakespeare99 locked the TLC Chat entirely, something which used to be a Saltcon 1 alarm!

The merger was framed as a way to safeguard and protect the left, by bringing it under the broad church banner and branding of Labour (absolutely fucking howling lmao), but it appears the Greens are less receptive to this idea than Labour think.

It was also reported that the TLC would not be endorsing the independent candidate in the Oxfordshire by-election as the Liberal Democrats and Labour frankly just don’t want to.

Where does the TLC go from here? The Conservatives are still dominating MHOC and show no signs of letting up, what is the gameplan to take back control? From extensive drunken discussions we’ve managed to figure out there is no plan, it’s all gone to shit.

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