Shocking news today from New Zealand as it is being reported National Party leader and leader of the Opposition Fresh3001 has violated electoral law with a tweet. At 2:35 PM, 19 January 2019, while New Zealand citizens were voting and the polls were open, he tweeted ‘#NatNation’, attaching a photo of him casting a ballot.

Under New Zealand electoral law, it is illegal to post or share something that may influence a person’s vote during election day while the polls are open (hence why we had to wait until 7pm to post this). While it is debatable whether Fresh3001 did this, it is also illegal to post anything that shows your voting paper, placing him squarely in violation of New Zealand law.

EDIT: Since the initial writing of this article, four more politicians have breached this law-

Dicky_Knee of New Zealand First, who tweeted, ‘I hope [Youmaton, his opponent] loses massively in Southern.’

FelineNibbler of ACT (who has since deleted his tweet) tweeting about fighting the ‘socialist dogs’.

hk-laichar, leader of Labour, who tweeted asking supporters to vote for him in his electorate in Tāmaki (and has, once again, deleted his tweet)

ElectrumNS, leader of United Future, who tweeted about her party’s great success.

We all remember the fucking shitshow in MHOC after Saltcon published their dossier on illegal activities during election times, well it appears its a cross-sim problem!

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