Once again the London Metropolitan Borough Council of Wizards has contacted Saltcon and informed us that Necromancy has been defeated as /u/antier confirmed that the Scottish National Party has handed its charter in to the electoral commission and folded.

We have also since learned that /u/Eponcorcra (emma) was never actually a leader of the party and was never approached/asked to be, making it apparent that in his screenshots and defection discussions /u/antier had been lying!

Speaking to /u/sam-irl of the “Independent” /u/antier said (bits in bold are meta)

antier (@antier) – 19.46, 08/04/2019
For the time being, the SNP won’t be forming. I however do note how interesting it is for some Tories, most notably @geg suddenly turning on me despite what I did for his party. Nonetheless, thank you for your opinions :smiley: Anyway with that I think I’m gonna leave the sim. Cya!

The pressure felt by antier to not form the SNP was brought on after a bombshell Saltcon exclusive revealing the party was to form very soon, with noted power mad vixen /u/Eponcorcra at its head.

Twitter took off with savage comments about a #PowerHungryCouple and comments about how this was just the Scottish arm of Plaid Cymru, also a particularly funny comment by bourgie boy Padanub who called them “The Welsh Scottish Party”.

Jimmy (wiredcookie1) who was offered a leadership role confirmed to us that after talking to his family, he had decided not to take up the role before they had collapsed.

There is also no word on repercussions for those members who were outed in the SNP server as about to defect from their current parties. It will be interesting to see if they can hold their positions much longer.

We of course wish antier all the best and hope he returns to politics soon, his foray into Scottish Politics may not have worked but I’m sure a much more traditional approach may.

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