Saltcon reported a few days ago that a dark and mysterious group were banding together to create a grouping so embedded into the hard left that membership came with a free gulag. Today Saltcon can confirm the proper existence of the grouping as we have received their full announcement pamphlet.

The pamphlet appeared to have been leaked to the Guardian (attached below) who failed to get the full version and only published a part of it, but that was good going to be fair because the full pamphlet is really quite small (just small enough to fit into my letterbox and also my fireplace)

Saltcon managed to grab the full pamphlet as we have contacts within local printing stores and it appears the pamphlet is almost like a rallying call for those who are former hard left and soft left who are residing in other parties.

Since the Guardian Article went live there is definitely a bit of a reaction on twitter with a lot of parallels being drawn towards the old RSP, but we’ll be waiting with baited breath to see how far this goes.

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