We’ve received a stunning notification from the local council of wizards (read the local virgins) that Necromancy has been discovered being practiced in Westminster as once more the Scottish National Party is being revived, this time with the totally unknown /u/antier at its head in Scotland and /u/Eponcorcrcaracararasracacaracaracawcaraa at its head in Westminster.

In some racy screenshots, the New-New-New-New-New-Neo-New-SNP claim to have around 11 members who will all, on the signal, defect from the Conservatives, Labour, Greens while lighting fireworks. Their plan is to immediately become a farce (sorry I meant force, fucking autocorrect) in Holyrood by contesting seven seats in the devolved elections and then contest the House of Commons in the next general erection.

Shortly after this, the boss of the SNP posted this statement on the party server

It’s interesting that the Former Leader of the Welsh Tories and the Former First Minister of Wales are going to be leading a Scottish Nationalist revival.

/u/antier has been courting former SNP members such as Jimmy and Nuchacho, Jimmy was offered the leadership due to his “experience”. The new-SNP have also contacted other parties for electoral pacts and cross-endorsements in the devolution election.

It is rumoured that they will be working in tandem with Plaid Cymru, begging the question, is this just a Scottish branch of Plaid? Considering both antier and emma come from welsh political backgrounds, it is very hmmm.

I know what you’re thinking, this ugly two headed hydra just will not fucking die, but this newly revived party seems to be a consolidation of everything that earns Saltcons ire, aside from the fact neither of the leaders (and you can bet none of the members) are actually Scottish, the party and its members seem to have been the subject of Saltcon before…

Of particular note is the first article “Welsh Labour power grab is ridiculous”, which is written by /u/antier and is fairly critical personally of /u/Eponcorcra, but clearly they’ve got over their differences as they join together for this new party, perhaps they have formed a #PowerHungryCouple?

The new SNP has only a short member list in its Discord, which can be found linked here (image too big for muh website)

So what are the predicted problems here? Well, we had chief chimpanzee /u/Padanub write us a list (it took a few minutes to decipher his handwriting)

  • The party is led by someone who tends to defect/leave the game regularly, usually when they are bored or emotionally compromised
  • Its Scottish leader is wholly inexperienced at leading
  • Its claim to have 11 members is simply bogus, if they pulled off eleven defections simultaneously without me knowing in advance who they are I’ll shit in my hands and clap
  • The SNP simply just doesn’t seem to work in MHOC, it has no constant and consistent draw because of the limitations of devolution and the fact most SNP members are screaming cyber nat retards
  • They are already biting off more than they can chew, to run a national and a devolved party with only 11 members?

Saltcon hit the streets of London (they wouldn’t let me go to Scotland, expenses and all that) and asked around, eventually we found angry deep fried scotsman /u/Zoto888 and his opinion was clear:

We didn’t contact the new SNP for comment because frankly we didn’t want to tip them off that we were writing about them.


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