This article was written under the old DEFCON style system, therefore may be out of date by modern metrics.


Category 4 Shitstorm


‘Ey! ‘Ey! ‘Ey! I’m sorry thats racist, but we’re back in fucking canadaland today folks!

Acting Canadian Governor General (fuck me thats a long title, way too wordy. Sorry!) has called up the legions of moose mounted cavalry today as he announced he is sacking the Prime Minister!



This isn’t your typical bit of Canon news, thereis some meta drama here somewhere! My trained canadian beavers have sniffed it out (sorry).

The Canadian Prime Minister Lyraseven approached the mods with a document, to ask about its legality in sim. This document is reported to of laid out plans to declare war on France (lmao) so that Canada could annex two small islands near Newfoundland (oh fuck me this is like Rockall all over again).


Now, from what Lyraseven has said, this appears to of been a case of the mods jumping the gun as she approached them on discord in a meta fashion. She states she made it very clear it was just a meta question for now.




From the other side the mods have said that she claimed she would do it if they confirmed the act to be legal (which as far as we understand the maple syrup legal system, it is.)



This snowstorm shows no sign of abating soon as the election thread strikes up with some crazy comments such as /u/Padanub trying to bribe a deputy speaker for the gossip.


Now the issue this snowstorm is centering over is fairly simple, we know the Governor General his lordship and highness of the seven kingdoms has the power to remove a Prime Minister they feel is insane or has royally fucked up. Thats a  given.

What we don’t know, is the context of the comments Lyra made to the GG (not gamergate… honest) asking about War simulation, were they meta or were they ingame? Each side says differently.

There is one key question to ask, a difficult question but one that must be asked nonetheless.


The damage this snowstorm does is unpredictable at the moment, but I’m sure after the residents have finished saying sorry for being in its way and after we have finished the maple syrup reserves we will be able to release an update.


Edit: So the Snowstorm has ended pretty abruptly. The Mods put out a statement saying they read Lyras message wrong and that they did indeed “fuck up”.

Despite this, they stuck to their guns and continued with their removal of Lyra as PM and their plans for election. Ordinarily this would ramp up the Snowstorm but in a fantastic display of Mod power the terrified denizens of CMHOC fled (instead of yelling retreat they yell sorry) and the mods basically got away with it.


Christmastime is now here however which means we’ve all forgotten about it and are just enjoying the white christmas. We don’t think this will go any further. Enjoy your presents and your new PS4s and XBOXs, make sure to 1v1 me on Call of Duty you fucking scrubs.

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