Despite a bit of a cock-up from the Electoral Commission (we’re looking at you /u/DrLancelot), the Sussex By-Election got underway today with the following candidates declaring:

  • Green Party – Toxictransit
  • Conservative – Lechevaliermal-fait
  • Liberal Democrat – Cranlet
  • LPUK – Henryjohntemple
  • NUP – Ctrlaltlama
  • Labour – Hysteriacthesecond
  • Independent – CDocwra

Not the most famous slate for what is a major by-election in the calender, the most notable member being /u/Ctrlaltlama who is bound to struggle due to a pitiful showing for the Far-Right in previous elections.

Our initial impression of this by-election is that nobody truly knows how to run a locally focused campaign and everyone seems to bang on about national issues. Some piggybacking on National Issues during a General Election is expected but so far these campaigns are entirely based on National Policies/Ideas with mere platitudes towards Sussex (“We will build more houses, to help Sussex families!”)

HenryJohnTemple issued a manifesto and several images that piss about with national policing, housing and defence numbers (none of which mean shit to Sussex, I mean is he really going to abolish Stamp Duty and raise 10.43bn for Defence himself?) and LeChevalierMal-Fait whinged about Parliamentary Accountability and Fair funding for places that aren’t Sussex.

Missing in Action

Today the following candidates were listed as missing, Saltcon has submitted this to the local constabulary.

  • Cranlet
  • Ctrlaltlama
  • Hysteriacthesecond
  • Toxictransit (An advert was issued but he wasn’t actually seen campaigning)

Suspicious Activities

No suspicious activities were recorded as part of today’s campaigning and all spending appears legal.

Notable Events

Best Images

Worst Images


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