Day Two of the Sussex By election and it looks like things are getting spicy! Firstly a reminder of your Candidates.

  • Green Party – Toxictransit
  • Conservative – Lechevaliermal-fait
  • Liberal Democrat – Cranlet
  • LPUK – Henryjohntemple
  • NUP – Ctrlaltlama
  • Labour – Hysteriacthesecond
  • Independent – CDocwra – Dropped Out

Not an interesting day today with some candidates going out to breweries and others just droning on about shit. Of note though was CDocwra dropping out of the race to endorse the Green Party, in an attempt to prevent a split vote with the LPUK.

Missing in Action

No Candidates were missing in action.

Suspicious Activities

Green Party Campaign Van drives wrong way down a one way road – Reported to Sussex Police RPU

Green Party Campaign Van used as a driver service for Homeless Charity – Reported to the Electoral Commission

Notable Events

Best Images

Worst Images


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