It has been confirmed by the Speakership that Classical Liberal Deputy Leader /u/Tommy1boys has been reinstated and that his suspension was due to a counting error. We have decided not to amend the article to ensure integrity but instead put this warning up.

The Speaker of the House of Commons today possessed /u/really-friends and began speaking about those members of parliament who are not fulfilling their duty.

It is part of the constitutional rights of MHOC that the speaker conduct an activity review to ensure that those MPs who are not up to scratch, it has long been a source of salt and hilarity when posted though.

The rules on replacements mean that these members cannot immediately retake their seats and instead other members have to be found to fill them, if this is not done within a deadline then the seat goes up for a by-election, one they’ll struggle to win.

The full list of MPs removed includes:

  • Liberal Democrats
  • disclosedoak – East of England (List) – 31.8%
  • Labour
  • goodboi_BAA – North West (List) – 72.7%
  • Green Party
  • zombie-rat – Hampshire South – 31.8%
  • SoggyCabbages – Yorkshire South – 59.1%
  • Joe_The_Englishman – North East (List) – 72.7%
  • Classical Liberals
  • tommy1boys – Cheshire – 72.7%
  • CatusStarbright – London (List) – 45.5%

Now, from a parliamentary point of view this is actually extremely dangerous. Every major opposition party has lost members of parliament here and if they aren’t replaced, their seats go up for election. This is a really strong showing for the government and the governmental whipping system.

Of prime interest is the Green Party who lose half their MPs in this review, they now have to find the active members to replace them or face electoral oblivion, an interesting concept for a party that used to dominate, is this what focusing on devolution has got them?

The Classical Liberals have suffered too with Deputy Leader tommy1boys being removed from Parliament. Twitter stirred a storm over this while Tommy1boys was mysteriously as absent as he was in the voting chamber(obviously off tax-dodging somewhere). Immediately the Classical Liberal Internet Defence Force sprung into action, trying to deflect attention

A small meta debate is currently ongoing about activity reviews for those who are clearly active but are misfortunate enough to miss one vote, what are your thoughts on this? Feel free to email with your abuse and maybe your opinion.

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