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Today, it has been revealed that the Labour Party in Wales (Llafur) have voted to leave the coalition government led by the Welsh Liberals, and instead to seek a deal with Plaid Cymru. Plaid Cymru, currently holding 3 out of the 9 seats in Wales, and stands as the second largest party in the Senedd, have revealed that they are willing to concede First Minister to Labour. Let’s make one thing utmost clear here – this is a blatant power grab by EponaCocra, and is bad for Wales.

Now, if we look at the previous government, the Liberals are a party made up of the socially liberal Liberal Democrats and the fiscally conservative Classical Liberals governed by ex-First Minister u/redwolf177, they seemed like a natural choice for Wales. The Liberals had a short yet a workable plan for Wales, as much as the Welsh Conservatives opposed it. 42.75% of the vote last election, almost half, was won by the Liberal Party. So why should Labour, a party that didn’t even win a quarter of the vote, have the right to  hold the title of First Minister? For a government that controlled two-thirds of the chamber, I had expected this government to live up to the hype and start governing. Instead, this government has been slow to produce motions and absent when debating them, and the First Minister has apparently shirked on his duties when negotiating with the Government in Westminster and in the Joint Ministerial Council. However, as the present First Minister resigns, I had expected the Labour Party to do the decent thing and support the new Welsh Liberal leader. This all comes down to /u/EponaCorca – one of the main figures in the Labour movement in Wales.

If we get one thing straight – /u/EponaCorca continues to hunt for power at Wales’ expense. She is a serial defector and has always followed power at the expense of consistency. She has led the Green Party and been in and out of the Labour Party on multiple occasions. After winning Sussex in the last General Election under the ‘One Love’ banner, she rejoined the Labour Party and began clawing her way into Wales. After the election of /u/Secretary_Salami she was casted to the position as Deputy Leader. As she began moving up the ranks of the Labour Party (once again), she began creating drastic change – including most recently her proposal to stop working with any party that didn’t align to Labour values, giving Welsh Labour more autonomy and most importantly attempting to steer Labour into a more socialist direction, which seems to be the backbone of many of her policies. This reminds me most of when u/EponaCocra failed to support u/LCMW_Spud as Northern Irish First Minister in March last year (another devolved area she participated in, she seems to be on tour), despite having voted for him and his party twice before that term. She failed to support that deal because he didn’t give her enough goodies. She is doing the same now with the Welsh Liberals

Plaid Cymru have sold out once again. By offering the position of First Minister to Labour, Plaid have denied their voters – the voters that elected them as the second largest party in the Welsh Assembly. Unfortunately now Wales will have to be put through even more socialist and leftist policies which will result in more begging from the Labour Party to Westminster for money and of course a Nationalist leaning government, intent on making the Assembly into a Parliament, and implementing other such makeovers to make her idea of breaking up the United Kingdom closer to reality. Worst of all, Wales will be led under somebody who values power over party.

What I really don’t understand is why Plaid, the larger party, support a Labour first Minister at all? Surely the larger party get the top jobs, that’s how coalitioning works. Is the Plaid leader gravely ill and unable to perform his duties, is he scared of the top job, or is he simply being whipped along by an overzealous Labour Party.

The Welsh Conservatives will do better for Wales. We will present a unionist and Conservative view to Wales, one that no party in the assembly is currently proposing. The fact of the matter is that Wales cannot afford to be in a socialist fairyland like what Labour is proposing. The Welsh Conservatives will lead a fiscally responsible yet socially liberal plan for all of Wales.

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