Phenomenal scenes today as the Quadumvirate came out with the results of the ultimately bland Stormont by-election, which uses a hashtag that nobody understands.

There were 789761 valid votes cast, the percentage poll was 62.15% and there were no rejected ballot papers. The electoral quota was 395811 votes.

Now, on the face of it there are some glaring issues here. As we reported in a previous article, /u/Trevism dropped out of the election and expressly endorsed the runner-up /u/AnswerMeNow1, so why did Trev poll so high?

One canon theory is that /u/Trevism didn’t expressly publicize that he had dropped out, which means many people were still looking to vote for him, but where is the fucking fun in justifying this result?

Luckily, we managed to grab notorious bastard IndigoRolo/EastIndiaBearOrchard while he was in the middle of a knuckle sandwich kindly given to him by /u/Padanub and ask his opinion

“It seems active membership during the campaign period no longer affects the general polling of each group. So because of this both AMN and XC had like 0.1% general polling each, whereas trev had maybe 2%. Another thing which may be a problem, is that relatively recently they capped how much you could endorse someone by – to their original vote total. So even though trev endorsed AMN, probably only like 10% actually transferred. The rest of it… tbh I’d need to look at the sheet. It seems like something is broken because although none of the main parties stood, turnout was still 62%. So I think they’ve basically rebuilt the sheet wrong… or alternatively most of the unionist vote transferred straight to trev (which means they didn’t take into account modifiers)It’s complicated basically…. but in simple terms: They’ve tried to oversimplify it and limit where votes can go… and it’s backfired massively”

/u/EastIndiaBearOrchard from Discord

So what have the quad said? Well, realistically nothing. /u/MG9500 has done mostly absolutely nothing, but we did receive a response from /u/Tilerr, stating that he’ll look into it, mod speak for fuck off I’m busy.

Naturally, as with all salty elections this has inspired an Electoral Reform thread, full of useless pining fucks trying to pad their CV for a future Speakership run. Mostly it’s in-depth talk that nobody actually understands but looks good in the eyes of the Plebeian classes of MHOC, easily swayed by future Speakership candidates.

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