Note: I am writing this article under duress, our editor is pretty much holding me at gunpoint. Devolution is grim.

Northern Ireland thought it’d be a fun idea to have an election while we’re all off on our summer hols. Rumour has it that /u/m1cha3lm has been spending some time in the Seychelles while /u/EastIndiaBearOrchard has been spotted in Bridlington. Both unique destinations, with a lot of charm.

Many of you will be familiar with our GE:X Coverage, well we’re going to do the same here but in a more condensed format, as campaigning is naturally not as rampant.

Notable Campaign Events

/u/AnswerMeNow1 launches potentially the blandest set of promises available to a Politician – Absolutely phenomenal stuff here, it’s like reading a greatest hits of generic policy points.

/u/Trevism uses the adage “x is at a crossroads” – Take two shots and see off a pint every time this is said, anywhere.

Notable Campaign Material

Pierce Brosnan poses for a photo opportunity for Sinn Fein


The DUP release a minimalist poster calling Sinn Fein sinners


Pierce Brosnan returns to tell us that an unknown dude with no party affiliation is two steps back
(Seriously, who is this for/aimed at???)

Overall, not the most thrilling day of campaigning, a really tough start but with so few candidates and a General Election burnout it’s understandable.

Tune in tomorrow for the Day 2 roundup!

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