This event has registered at magnitude SALTCON 4.

This event has registered at magnitude SALTCON 3.

Salt was thrown around the MHOC Main Chat today as it was announced that the results of the General Election would be delayed, twice.

Results were originally scheduled for 7pm, but the quadumvirate quickly announced that they would be delayed to 7:30pm. With ten minutes to go, they once more pushed the results back to 8:00pm.

This isn’t a new occurrence in MHOC and has happened several times from GE:7 onwards and nearly every time it has not been the quadumvirates fault, instead the fault of the news agencies and organisations officially sponsored by the Mods to reveal the results.

In GE:X the issue is graphics once again as the MBBC and New Statesman teams struggle to get to grips with an automated graphic generation system that uses spreadsheets to build automatic graphs and charts.

After so much turmoil and unrest in previous elections, you would have been forgiven to think that implementation of such a modern system would herald extensive stress testing and some quality/deliverance controls, but alas these weighty corporate words appear lost on the MBBC team who appear completely paralysed by their solemn responsibility.

MBBC Release early

When the stream finally started at 8:10pm (ish), the MBBC accidentally put out a result for Leicestershire, which is roughly 18th in the list, giving away some of the forthcoming results. Utter hilarity in main chat ensued.


Lack of accessibility

Due to a lack of fail safes, fallbacks and adequate planning the only available results stream was the MBBC, which meant those at work, with low data or unable to watch videos with volume were completely unable to view the results.

Thankfully a combined effort by Quad member /u/Troels, bad boy /u/JackWilfred and notable love machine /u/Padanub, the boys got a Reddit Live going about half way through, ensuring those with no MBBC access could still watch.

Incorrect Results

The salt restarted quite quickly come the morning of the 27th, when /u/mg9500 announced the list seats for Northern Ireland were incorrect with the DUP gaining a seat when they shouldn’t of.

This was then followed by another announcement that the entire list seat calculation was wrong for all of them due to a glaring issue from August 2017 but never brought to the table to fix. This issue has affected Holyrood and other elections but has never been caught.


Noted election fucker-upper /u/IndigoRolo has estimated this should only affect 12 seats, but ultimately why would we listen to him after this GE:8 shitshow.


There is currently a megathread posted (as per tradition) to get all the issues together in one place for the mods to read.


Stay tuned for more updates.