Day one of another election season, I’m already tired and feel like shit. Anything posted after the daily update will be captured in the following days daily update.

Best Images

It’s clever, it’s smart and it’s pretty lifelike, even if it’s disgustingly nepotistic. Could do with a funnier headline.
Design isn’t the greatest, but it’s a smart attack using twitter.

Worst Images

It’s just a bit fucking dull, like who is the audience, where is this being posted? It wouldn’t work on Social Media as it’s too wordy and it wouldn’t work in real life because no cunt would stop and read it. WHAT IS THIS?!
Oh no. Oh god no.
Why do I bother. Stupid ugly cunt (you’ll have to guess if I’m talking about the author or taylor swift here)
Apparently he’s a fucking homeless person. He made a positive decision to be homeless: it’s the difference between being punched in the face and punching yourself in the face.
Pixellated, white text box. Get a fucking grip before I grip your balls.

Video Review

Clearly done by a video generator with minimal input by the author, the music is a little odd but as a fucking meme I suppose it does it job and I guess it will play towards Yorkshire Nationalists?

Where do I even start. Poorly timed, images with artefacts, it doesn’t even say what he’s “running for”. Nice tune though

Campaign Review

Plaid Cymru candidate somehow gets members of the public to chant for him after he bores them to death about tidal lagoons and free tampons

IPP Candidate says he didn’t start the tensions, but with a shit song rendition of the Troubles he certainly fucking restarted them

Classical Liberal CountBrandenburg gets sued by Disney for copyright infringement. No word on whether the CLib War Chest can cover the cost.

Labour candidate blows his expenses load on a projector and sound system in the sky, convinces the feral underclass of Sheffield to come out and scream to the tune of a meme video

An American Libertarian dressed as a British Politician comes to Manchester, finishes his speech by saying “y’all” which gives away his citizenship, also claims he will campaign at a Football game which I’m pretty sure is against FIFA Regulations.

Labour candidate gives the single most boring speech to ever happen in an election, this is the sort of shit you don’t even say at Conference.

Classical Liberal takes punters on a boat ride, claims he has nothing to do with the bodies found at the bottom of the water

Loyalist League candidate fakes an armed hostage taking and kidnapping in Northern fucking Ireland and assumes not a single person will phone the police and that he wouldn’t be arrested and ridiculed??

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