Today, Model NZ Parliament’s resident fascist, /u/Winston_Wilhelmus, hereinafter known as WW, admitted to doxxing people ‘in a gmod community’, stating that ‘they doxxed me, so I did it back’, stating that before he joined the server, “[a] community manager of a gmod server threatened to get me kicked out of school [as the gmod community manager had doxxed WW] and shit so I got his stuff [by doxxing the gmod community manager back]”.

Despite the fact that WW’s education may have been in danger, if you believe his statements, it was indeed concerning for many that MNZP now had a moderator who openly and unapologetically admitted to doxxing. When reached for comment, imnofox, co-leader of the Greens, responded: “why the fuck do we have moderators who admit to doxxing”. This comes just days after the other Greens co-leader accused WW of racism when WW said that the co-leader had a big penis. Yes, we’re confused too. But it is true that WW’s origins come from an NZ/pol raid, and that he has received the result of “Nazi” numerous times on his 8values test, and is certainly far-right in comparison to the rest of MNZP.

Regardless of his intentions behind the doxx, this may well mean that MNZP may question having a fascist in its ranks, or at the very least, in its mod team. And yes, we know that you might think WW would take exception to being called a fascist. But we here at Saltcon know he won’t. Why? Because WW calls himself a fascist.


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