Well well well, wot ‘av we ‘ere.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, we had a shortlist of three images for the final and a shortlist of two videos.


In third place: Personal Newsletter by DrCaeserMD

Fantastic leaflet with a real touch of caring, a good dose of content and a readable layout, really impressively put together and very personal, works well with his voting base.

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In second place: Travelling MP by Jellycow99

A fantastic juxtaposition of complementary colours here and a really strong message easily highlighted with a tertiary colour. Great brand recognition and social media awareness too!


In first place: Empty Chair by JackWilfred

This really just blew us away. Minimalist (which is very much in), powerful messaging, a strong font to complement and one of the most striking original images of the election. Congratulations on your £10 gift voucher, DM Nub on discord to claim!



In second place: Vote LPUK by A_Cool_Prussian

A fun video which really draws you in with the dancing, peaking curiosity as to what the topic of the advert is, making the positive effect amplified when discovered its politics. Well-set and ready-made for viral.


In first place: What the Tories can do for you by LeafyEmerald

We’ve seen some good videos and while the video above has a much better pacing and production quality, I’m aware that is because of the video editing software used, which made it so much easier. This product, however, is a labour of love, required new skills to be learned and for a novice to come out with something this high quality without using an AI-driven assistant editor is phenomenal. Congratulations on your £10 gift voucher, DM Nub on discord to claim!

((But Nub, what about that Giraffist video that you love and literally can’t stop singing on the bus to work every day because the tune is so damn catchy.

Well Mr Exposition, I love the song and the tune, but I don’t believe its fair to reward it when he paid a professional to make it, especially not when we have other homemade high-quality entries.

Note: I don’t think its bad that he paid someone, good quality is always welcome))


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