This event has been recorded at a magnitude of SALTCON 3.

Unbelievable scenes today as /u/daringphilosopher the SNP Leader was found to be self-plagiarising his campaign posts. The true extent of the damage isn’t known as the mods haven’t yet weighed in, but as the below links show he copied and pasted his own campaign events in three separate elections.


Suspicions were raised when his posts were flooding through thick and fast, usually at the same time and usually all in bulk, but nobody thought too much of it, just assuming he was a bit odd and liked posting at Midnight.

Why is this a problem though? Surely he retains rights to his work?

Well, yes. But copying and pasting what you’ve done previously is not only disingenuous to the system of campaigning we have, but it’s in direct contravention of the spirit of the game, not to mention some rules of it too. We’re all here to have fun and pit our wits against each other, not against an 8-month-old version of each other because the modern day version is too fucking lazy to bother.

Noted mathematicians have worked out that only 29% of Daringphilosophers campaign posts were original for this election, which could be a massive blow to the SNP in what is probably the worst plagiarism event MHOC has suffered.


The following links are Reddit searches for phrases used in his most recent campaign posts, the articles that appear from the previous elections, once read, provide a match so exact that twins would have more differences than these posts.

Overall we count 25 individual counts of plagiarism in his history so far.

This is certainly not all the examples, we have been informed we have missed some, but our editor is cranky and wants to get to bed.

PAP Candidate and Leader Zoto888 said;

Uh I don’t really have any meta comments beyond the fact that this obviously has to be penalised in the harshest possible terms because simply forgiving it or letting it off lightly would set an extremely bad precedent for the future

We haven’t been able to get a response from the Moderation Team or from Daringphilosopher, however, fellow SNP Member Jimmy was on hand to post a meme in the chat.


We will keep you updated as the situation unfolds, Saltcon is anticipating serious electoral repercussion and potentially even meta consequences too.


Thanks to JellyCow99 for providing the links.


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