Hmm, a deep editorial thought by head chimp /u/Padanub, we’re in really uncharted territory here.

Where did the fun go from elections? A question mused by our most revered scholars such as JackWilfred and Purpleslug. To really explore this question and perhaps design a conclusion, we should take a trip down memory lane.

Pre-Sim Elections

In the dark days, our elections were what we called manual counts, as in real life Reddit users voted manually on a google form, later on a more advanced API and website was created, but this was a lot of work to maintain. This meant the election period consisted of campaigning on Skype (Lol), discord, other (sometimes unrelated) subreddits and anywhere else the triumvirate would let you.

Some really enjoyed this mostly unrealistic method of campaigning, it relied on brand reliability and the reach of your election posts, which tied in directly with your electoral success. It wasn’t long until bots and automation methods to deliver private messages were discovered to help with these campaigns.

Soon after, the fun faded as Reddit Admins and Mods began threatening massive bans for subreddit spam. This came at a time when people didn’t think it was fair that an entire term’s worth of legislation and governing meant fuck all because the tories had a massive PM list (jew list) they could spam and negate all your work. The Vanguard had also figured out how to game the system by effectively creating strongholds with such success that meant they were basically required for any right-wing government.

Post-Sim Elections

We (after much lobbying) decided to move to a system of election where the voter base would be simulated and campaigning would be done for numbers in a spreadsheet. This would allow a much more “realistic” campaign and a more focused simulation.

The new method of campaigning led to some really low quality post spamming during the first few elections as well as some horrifically botched results, this led to some members leaving because they didn’t want to lose to Johnny Someone who posted 60 times a day, with some the worst offenders copying and pasting old campaign events and seemingly getting no penalties.

This issue seemed endless as there was equal support for and against posting limits, which were seen as the main issue. The light at the end of the tunnel revealed itself however as we saw post limits come into force for GE: XI but it seems like the wind has been taken out of the elections sail, we came to three stunning conclusions as to why.

The death of the far right has ensured there is no extreme voice, traditionally in pre-sim elections the far right provided some of the strongest and most creative content and fuelled debate

This is an interesting one to muse over, but it’s based in solid fact, a lot of the Saltcon recommended videos, memes and old salt is based off/sparked by the actions of the far right on the campaign trail, where has the spark gone?

The intricacies of alliances inside and outside Westminster (devolution) mean parties are now ultra-restricted on how they can act towards other parties.

This is major, the lifeblood of politics is the chance to attack the opponent and maybe goad them into something dumb, healthy debate and argument thrived before parties were forced to form these ridiculous devolved alliances.

Heightened scrutiny from outlets such as Saltcon mean candidates don’t wish to take risks, make fun events and get creative

Now this might seem ridiculous and a bit chest-beaty, but when a rabid Padanub combined with a feral Zoto888 are bearing down on people via discord and MHOCPress about their election expenses it becomes rather difficult to think of something creative and not incur the wrath of the papers, especially when those papers contribute towards modifiers. (admittedly the expenses stuff doesn’t as its meta)

But could this also be the fault of the modifiers and system itself? In a game where Min/Maxing is so important to success then standard tactics will deviate to the plain and boring high percentage events, rather than the risky, creative and fun events. Why spend time creating 5 unique events for x modifiers when you can churn out 5 quick events and think about something else for the same modifiers? (The quad assure us that posts are individually merited on effort, but we’re not confident on this yet).

With MHOC beginning to become disillusioned once more with campaigning perhaps it’s time for another review (!!!!!). Maybe it’s just a bad time, maybe people are just tired after a fairly high energy term, maybe we’re fucking exhausted from elections in devolved areas.

Maybe we’re just bored and want some salt to rejuvenate us.

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