CMHOC has been hit by another severe storm, with the Speaker (Now the Community Administrator, but I keep forgetting to call them that) /u/Pellaken, announcing his resignation.


The reason for which lays in genocide. Earlier today, controversial user “EndDecadence” made jokes that he advocated for genocide. Pellaken, henceforth known as Teddy, warned him that he was starting to go a bit too far with the jokes. ED’s response was to tell Teddy that he was not joking, and that he really supported genociding people. Now, this is a crime in Canada, and is quite serious. However, Gega does not live in Canada, and lives in a country where advocating genocide is legal. So, Teddy decided to warn ED that his actions were in violation of the Discord Terms of Service, to try and scare him a bit. However, when Teddy attempted to find the exact quote from the Discord ToS, he found that no such rule existed, and that technically advocating genocide was allowed in CMHOC.


So, Teddy decided to try and fix this, and brought the issue up in the Council Discussion Chat. To his shock, the majority of respondents suggested that seriously advocating genocide should be allowed, as this is a politics sim, and all politics should be allowed. Teddy, in shock of this reaction, began contemplating his next move. He ultimately chose to resign – which is actually a fulfillment of his speakership platform. Teddy promised to run the sim for a few months, resign, and run again, in order to give him a mandate of larger change. Teddy has not confirmed if he will run again or not.


In his resignation post, Teddy was very critical of those who supported allowing advocated genocide. In a post on /r/cmhocmeta, Teddy said “To be perfectly honest, I am so disgusted with the fact that SO MANY of you are fine with murdering innocent people, innocent children, that I am uncomfortable simply being around you.”


A major debate broke out in the comments, with many people showing outrage at such the notion of allowing supporting genocide. Teddy’s opponent in the Speakership race, /u/thenoheart, said “Anyone who advocates for allowing genocide is fucking disgusting and has no place in CMHoC or the Model World.” The Speaker of the House (not to be confused with the community admin, which is the post Teddy holds, and is formerly known as Speaker) said “Seriously, if we are going to allow the spreading of genocidal views and make CMHoC a platform where such people are allowed to come and talk about genocide then I will resign from Speaker. I can’t support doing work for a community that thinks genocide is ok. I understand many don’t think it is ok but something as genocide being ok just can’t happen.” That comment got him gilded. The Prime Minister also weighed in on the Debate, saying “We really should not pander to crazy people, especially not on the matter of the sim’s reputation. Can we stop caring about ‘maintaining classic debate and allowing people to advocate genocide.’” Perhaps one of the longest serving members of CMHOC, /u/Daringphilosopher, also gave his opinion, saying “Wtf? People are seriously advocating genocide? What has happened to this great community? I don’t even recognize this sim anymore. Honestly I’ve been noticing that this community is dying and it’s been dying for months now. I’ve put up with a lot of things here in this sim. But if we honestly accept “advocating genocide” as being part of main chat, than I honestly am not comfortable being a member of this community. I cannot in anyway condone advocating genocide. Many innocent people’s lives have been loss because of genocide all around the world. If this is how the community is going, than I wish to no longer be a part of it.”


On the other side, EndDecadence – before he deleted his account – shouted sarcastically “Uh oh, political sim with differing opinions? What do you mean junkies and unproductive people don’t deserve to live and spread their filth in society? OMG! Outraged!” Former Prime Minister and Player Advocate /u/Lyraseven said during the debate that “It’s a politics game. You have to deal with stuff that upsets you in political discussions. That’s just what politics is.”


We will endeavour to update you on this story as more information becomes available. From Ottawa, I’m redwolf177.


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