General Election XI (or 11 for us common folk who don’t speak lah-dee-dah latin like the posh twats at Quad Tower) marks several major changes to the wack way in which we conduct elections, handily for all you budding electioneers out there, Saltcon has summed it all up for you.

The Timetable

  • 11 February – 9am GMT- Campaigning shall be opened on r/mhoccampaigningAny posts before will not be counted.
  • 12 February – Leaders debate shall be posted on r/MHOC along with regional debates.
  • 15 February – 10pm GMT- Campaigning ends. Any posts after will not be counted. Debates shall close promptly at 10pm, any questions or answers afterwards will not count.
  • 16 February – Polling Day – No Campaigning
  • 17 February – GEXI Result
  • 18 February – Official Coalition Formation period shall begin with an announcement detailing Government, and Official Opposition formation rules.

Number Fiddling

The quad have been number fiddling (like Jas but with numbers not [redacted]) and have determined that now some things matter more than others. Weightings are now as follows

  • Campaign Posts – 33%
  • Term time – 67%

This means that what you do during the term now has a heavier effect on whether you win or lose the election, but the campaign is still around a third.

Post Limits

Ayyyy they’ve been introduced, now everyone can only post 5 times!!

  • 5 posts for you in the constituency you are running in (if applicable)
  • 5 posts for each member to use in any constituency they want (apart from the one they are running in, if applicable)
  • Unlimited national campaigning posts

This makes my life a lot fuckin’ easier when reviewing posts. Although we’ll be keeping an eye on post counts.

Regional Party nerfing

This was a major issue last time and has been fixed. Regional Parties now no longer fucking ruin you at regional level.

As yet unannounced changes to candidates who withdraw

Because it was fucking ridiculous that a candidate that wasn’t running

  • Won
  • Didn’t take a hit in the polls

What else?

Fuck all. Except that Saltcon will be as per reviewing posts, images, videos, campaign finance (expect higher scrutiny here as we attempt to cost your campaigns) and post limits.

Please please PLEASE make some videos as we love videos and will give major props for them, video content is KING and gets special features on our site.

If you have any suggestions please let us know by DMing Top Cock /u/Padanub.

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