As many may know, /u/Tilerr held meetings with the denizens of the devolved regions in their respective servers (MLondon and MHolyrood need not apply). This was an attempt by the Mods to get some real solid feedback and ideas going forward for Devolution, but also a way to get the squawking welsh to shut up.

/u/Tilerr has now published a document containing a summary of what was discussed which can be found here. If you’re not the type to read wordy documents with absolutely no images (/u/Padanub), our Saltcon Research Team have kindly put down some of the more important points, with our Editors opinion on them below.


Discussion on removing the requirement for all three ‘communities’ to be in government

An absolute game changer this and it has the potential to totally destroy Stormont purely for its unique politics. I’ll be absolutely blown away if the mods pull through with this plan

Electoral Incentives

This is a really weird idea, essentially wanting to tie modifiers between Westminster and Stormont, essentially forcing people who want to do well in Westminster to participate in Stormont. Activity under duress is not the kind of activity we should be promoting.


We can’t even get this right on MHOC, how the fuck will we do it on Devolution? 

‘VIP chat’

REEEEEEE Secret clubs that I’m not in.


We want an MSenedd

Really? I don’t believe you, it’s not like you consistently whinge about it.

Chamber that is more debate orientated than legislation

This is something Stormont is wanting to do as well and I’m somewhat taken by the idea. MHOC remains your primary legislative base for the game and small “debating clubs” essentially form the devolved bodies.

Basic timetable outlined for moving forward

The timetable desired is that documents are drawn up ASAP with a view to starting MSennedd in Late October. This means they would miss the upcoming round of Devolution elections in November and instead run a Sennedd Special Election shortly after it, then sync’ing with the rest afterwards.

So this is kinda where we stand. There’s been no mention from the Quadumvirate about their opinions on all this or whether any of it will be listened to, /u/mg9500 is notoriously quiet on non-Holyrood issues. Here at Saltcon we’re not completely convinced that a Sennedd will work if it was to emulate the current process of devolution and that is primarily down to interest. 

We’re also concerned about drawing activity away from the Main game, leaving another brain drain on MHOC (as seen with the Left wing and devolution) and causing the game to become even more unbalanced. Alas, smarter men than us are working to solve these issues.

If you have an opinion on devolution, let us know! Use our submissions form to send your opinion!


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