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Today Nub International Bank saw a major milestone in its useless company as it rebranded and relaunched its (self)award winning website to the punter of the model world.

Nub International Bank (now NubBank) went offline some time ago due to a technical error. Betting was added to the site and ultimately broken after a few hours, destroying the capability of account holders to do even the most basic functions. /u/Strideynet vanished shortly afterwards causing a lot of concern, but mainly unrestrained nerd rage.

After almost a year of negotiations with a brick wall /u/Padanub finally conned /u/Strideynet into returning, within a few hours he had fixed the errors and even implemented some new features and changes, all while Padanub worked on a rebrand.

The site had its first wage pay out at 7:40pm today (after a cock up between timezones) and its first bet closed with the resignation of /u/TheNoHeart! Even this caused controversy as a huge site outage happened at about 7:50pm just as people were making their bets on the resignation of the Prime Minister, this was down to a vulnerability discovered where if a user was to make a bet larger than their balance the server hosting the website would crash (insert fancy technical diagram here explaining) some bets were sadly lost, but never forgotten xx

The smart new branding was also released with an update to their Discord roles and server and the release of the below winnings image. We’d recommend everyone join the Discord for top banter when things go tits up

When pressed on what was next for the bank, which seeks to upgrade its systems to prevent it from crashing during surges in activity, /u/Padanub played coy with me and simply mumbled something about GitHubs and Site Redesigns. He did mention a lottery system however as well as some quality of life changes. Finally he mentioned that the new budget will amend the tax rates, so he looks forward to finally not being subject to a 41% tax rate.

You can join NubBank and its discord from here!


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