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In a stunning solidification of meta-power, /u/Tilerr announced the creation of a Safeguarding role in MHOC and immediately appointed /u/m1chamlmmklmlmlmlmlmmmaslmm121m4mm1lm.

(What went mostly unnoticed was also the announcement of the Lead Discord Mod, an idea I pitched months ago and was gratefully ignored >:( )

This causedĀ significant upset in Main Chat with several members (all of whom have been banned* before) argued against the role and its implementation, with the caveat that they, of course, support the roleĀ in theory. (???)


Most of the upset has come in the way of passive aggressive facetious comments about “omg is this banned” [posts obviously banned content] or “I disagree with the rule on posting x so I will post x and expect no repercussions”. Which really showcases the mental capacity of your average MHOCcer.


Since then an extra special set of bans have been handed out, totally somewhere between 6-8 for offences people believe they would not have been banned for pre-safeguarder.

  • 3x Posting Porn
  • 1x Circumventing the Posting Porn Rule
  • 1x Inappropriate Images
  • 1x ??? (The mods didn’t tell me)

This has now generated a lot of salt and snark on MHOC Main, with people posting things such as google maps images and asking if it will get them banned, we’ve attached a delicatessen below

As you can see, it’s mostly salty old speakers with no life doing this.

/u/Tilerr recently put out his response to these bans, laying down the law and making people aware that he won’t stand for facetious bullshit.

He also posted on the MHOCMeta thread that was inevitably shat out by a banned member who was mad.


The thread itself has some fantastic comments too, with one by /u/JackWilfred who claimed that the majority of the chat is over 18. He clearly hasn’t seen the latest demographic survey… or any demographic survey on MHOC.

Another one by /u/TwistedNuke who claimed that because it was alright in his 18+ private members chat it was okay in MHOC Main and therefore the mods are killing MHOC.


Really the key here is this is nothing to do with safeguarding, just mods doing a bit of banning for people thinking they can pervert the rules and skirt the edges but for some reason don’t expect to get smashed.


* We use the word banned in the transitory form and do not claim that they were ephemerally removed from the location


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