This article was written under the old DEFCON style system, therefore may be out of date by modern metrics.

Category 5 Shitstorm

SALTCON Updated to Code 2

Wow, where do we start with this one. It’s the typical shitstorm season in the Model World as elections begin to converge, but none so controversial as the recent MHOC Elections. /u/IndigoRolo, a defeated, deflated and abused speaker pushed ahead with his electoral system despite a lot of hatred for it.

What happened next was possibly one of the most devastating shitstorms to hit MHOC, so much so we have named it Shitstorm Rolo, the first category 5 shitstorm in MHOC history.

In a single night, active members were informed they had lost their seats to paper candidates, as the new endorsements system hit hard and hit fast. /u/TheQuipton commented with the following after losing his seat.


/u/Purpleslug was another victim of the storm as his 41% majority was overturned in its entirety despite a hard campaign strategy. Also losing out was /u/VendingMachineKing, who posted over 15 campaign posts and yet still lost to someone who made 5.

/u/Dominion_of_Canada, a former party leader, incumbent from a popular government and all round good guy barely held on with a 3,000 majority. The runner up? An inactive green party member with barely any posts.

/u/Scott_IFX98 won by 400,000 votes. I mean his majority is so large that even he is questioning it. Jesus christ 400,000 votes.

/u/Britboy3456 summed up some major issues as well in a post on the Election Issues Megathread.


The Megathread was set up by notorious Shitstorm Chaser /u/Padanub halfway through the election, since then it has received 233 comments, 20 upvotes and the return of Shitstorm Honeydew, a former category 3 shitstorm.

The MBBC did their best to report on this election, but sadly /u/IndigoRolo had let them down by producing 1/4 of the graphics required for the stream (most of them incorrect with wrong figures), and leaving the rest to chance, which meant we were watching four hours of /u/electric-blues spreadsheet updating skills (which were impeccable).

All in all, the election hoo-ha has kicked up a massive storm, of unparalleled proportions. So far we have recorded:

  • 6 MHOC Discord Kicks
  • 5 MHOC-Wide Bans
  • 4 MHOCMeta Posts
  • 3 Speakership Resignations
  • 1 Triumvir Resignation (Rolo, incoming)
  • 1 Triumvir VONC Document
  • Numerous deleted comments
  • JWBot working overtime and exploding

Even though /u/IndigoRolo is resigning, he was absent for most of the election night as were the other mods, leaving the community to stew and try to pick up the pieces of their broken lives. Some members are considering leaving, shitposting is at an all time high and there’s a 50ft wall of salt within the MHOC Main chat which is proving difficult to dislodge.

There’s going to have to be a huge aid package for this one.


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