Be careful! There’s a lot of text in this post, you’ll need a sharp mind and a desire to be bored to read it!

In an announcement today the Speakership confirmed a slight reorganization to the way the Deputy Speakers allocate and perform their tasks. In line with Corporate Governance guidelines and consultation from ARTEMIS Corporate Consultancy, each Deputy Speaker will now have a specific role and a job title that would fit in at a lovely four hour meeting about synergy.

It is important to note that historians amongst you will remember I advocated for the professionalisation of the MHOC Speakership when I was Commons Speaker, I wanted to give Deputy Speakers specific roles and give them specific days where they were responsible for business posting and vote counting. /u/Tilerr whinged so hard I was forced to back down on these proposals. WELL LOOK AT US NOW YOU TOSSERS

It is important to note every Speakership member is still effectively, a Deputy Speaker, they simply have a particular role/job allocated to them.

Lets look at the list and deep dive into the roles in a bit more depth, so we can further evaluate performance and strategically re-imagine the optics, organically.

  • Chairman of Ways and Means – ??
  • Activity Manager – Tye
  • Archive Officer – Iroha (Deputy: Freddrik)
  • Committee Chair – Sheldon
  • Business Officer – Freddrik
  • Modmail Manager – Ruth
  • Relations Officer – Zack

Chairman of Ways and Means – This role, previously ceremonial, has seen a huge power boost in the past year. It is essentially now an Operational Manager, ensuring the safe delivery of the user experience and administration while the Quadumvirate focus on the strategy and policy implementation.

Activity Manager – The enforcer. He’ll come for you when you sleep, garroting absent MPs and sending out strongly worded letters to those on the border.

Archive Officer – The librarian. They sound like they’ll be wearing fishnets and sexy glasses, with a slightly ajar blouse, but really they’ll just bore you to death with small talk about how to format a Wiki.

Committee Chair – The busybody. Constantly trying to validate the vital, vital work that they do, when in reality nobody cares because it’s a totally underutilised area of MHOC.

Business Officer – The bouncer. Handing out ass-whoppings in the chamber for those who dare utter profanity or imply your mother was a hamster. Will also gate-keep the legislative pipeline by making sure bills are written in the correct language and with the right cubic measurement of full stops.

Modmail Manager – The postman. Deals with organising and archiving the modmail, responds to the poor bastards who have questions and deals with the murky waters of MP replacements. Also overlaps with business officer as MM schedules bills.

Relations Officer – The David Cameron. Handles the outward relationship between the Speakership and the Community, sells his soul to ensure good retention and is regularly found drinking heavily as MHOC has been yelling at him again with complaints.

Let’s have a think though, how does any of this help MHOC? Without being factitious that is.

For a long time the speakership has had a crowd mentality problem, where you state a job that needs doing and no fucker does it because they assume some other cunt will pick it up. This has made it increasingly difficult to hold people to account, as you cannot fire someone for not doing something that they weren’t asked to do. DS don’t stand on public manifestos and do not pledge to do certain tasks.

As we move towards a more structured staff team, with set responsibilities the Quadumvirate are hoping to increase accountability and transparency, making the team as a whole more streamlined and effective, they will also hopefully end the chaotic inner workings of the Speakership by giving them all some actual direction.

That being said, many times reform has been attempted but a less-than-enthusiastic speakership team has basically canned it before it takes off, DS are by definition somewhat lazy (yes I can say this as a former DS, former commons speaker and former head mod) and will only really want to do the easiest, quickest and more core tasks, ignoring all the boring shit like vote counting.

So it will be interesting to see how this change affects the administration of MHOC. Realistically, these changes are internal, the end user will only really see a change in the sense that on certain issues they will deal with one person instead of five and some processes may see a bit of an efficiency increase. When it comes down to it, the user experience remains unchanged.

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