This event did not register on the Saltcon scale, it caused no tremors but I was bored.

Today MHOC came across the second(?) VONC in /u/MG9500 as Devolved Speaker and some controversy erupted around it, primarily because of the list of signatures (numbering in the 50s).

Upon review of this document, the Saltcon Research Team discovered that many of the signatures were in fact completely faked, with many not giving their consent to be on the document.


Rather than write out a big huge list of them, I’ll just attach a gallery of screenshots, which proves the extent of the problem (I get paid per article not per hour so I’m not spending longer than required on this).


Some of the reasons appear to be pretty suspect too, with a lot of the problems they claim are MGs fault being the fault of the entire Quad/Mod Team (although its very subjective) and the only thing they appear to be able to pin on him is that he let people into the garden which houses the secret LPUK Treehouse (they didn’t even get into the tree)


This sparked a bit of banter in Main Chat as Viljow was tagged and appeared, defending his decisions and blaming them on mistakes, something which he ironically wants to VONC /u/MG4500 for.


Head Chimp /u/Padanub suggested the VONCing of /u/Viljow for messing the VONC up so badly, as a tongue in cheek comment. Unfortunately, MHOC being full of [redacted] went ahead and did that as a joke.


As usual Chief Zebra /u/friedmanite19 had to weigh in with some hot new copypasta making the rounds. Something really special here because with him not being in main he really didn’t quite get the sarcasm prevalent in this.

Overall, a total non-event but we may see a ban out of it, as forging names on a Quad VONC is pretty serious.