Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Saltcon Hall of Fame, for those baiting and shitposting legends who live throughout the ages of MHOC.

Inaugural Induction

/u/bloody-contrary (Ben)


For services to cultural and lgbt bait in MHOC Main. "if 'asexual' is a legit oppression, then so are incels"


Shitpost Extraordinaire

For services to consistent, unwavering shitposting, even in our darkest hours. "boris johnson isn't really a racist"

/u/Zoto888 (Shaun)


For services to being totally unaware he's shitposting. "We can have babies, then at age 2 we mass-process them into something edible"



For services to not realising the storm caused by the removal of something so minor as a Bot. RIP Dicky_Knee bot, we shall miss thee.