Wild scenes on the floor of the Nub Bank trading markets today as reputable Loan Broker Snap & Sons was announced as being sold to DrCaeserMD in a private deal that would see him take over the company.

This acquisition would put the Ambassador Group solidly into the lending market with a small book of Loans, if not for the great financial crime tsunami of our time.

Due to “creative accounting”, other floor traders noticed that Snap&Sons had gone from a £45,000 standing balance to roughly 0 pretty darn quick and on further investigation and baiting it appeared some asset stripping had taken place by Snapcrackle the former director (and allegedly DrCaeserMD although he denies it).

This allegation was further pushed when DrCaeserMD announced he was also selling his stake in Snap&Sons causing panic on the trading floor as buy and sell orders were exchanged rapidly (who the fuck buys during a crisis like this though). This was met with widespread dismay but some bids came in with the winner being Saudstan who paid a tidy £522.01 for the whole lot which meant a drop in value of about 99%.

More allegations of financial impropriety began racing around and noted Insolvency Practitioner bloodycontrary tried to get involved like the busybody he is, after some time he gave us with the absolute state that the company was in and moved on. This is when The_Shaun moved in for the kill.

Just as confidence was low and Snap was facing oblivion with creditors, debtors and financial hawks all confused about what day it was The_Shaun stepped in with his trademarked copy of The Art of the Deal and asked Saudstan if he could buy Snap (whose assets were around the £460 mark as nobody had the record book for the loans). After a bit of negotiation on fees they settled on the price of £513 which Shaun transferred and everyone got on with their day.

A little while later former director Snapcrackle said he was returning the £20,000 he had stripped from the company seconds before he sold it and that he didn’t realize it was illegal to take it. The trading floor erupted into chaos at this point as the sudden realization dawned over Saudstan that he had sold a company worth £20,500 in assets for a measly £513. 

It’s clear Shaun saw something many did not and pulled the wool over the non-existent regulators eyes with pro-regulators hawking around Risk frameworks as we speak this seismic event may have an effect on this Player economy for a long time to come.


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