After a short break in the Bahamas, our resident chimp /u/Padanub decided to commission some statistical research from the fine, fine boys down at the Nancy Reagan Retirement Home for Honoured Former Quad Members. Unfortunately nobody there was available so we instead asked /u/mg9500.

After many hours of easy work he gratefully produced for us a data model, that showcases what /r/MHOC would look like if we were to use FPTP for our elections. Rather than bore you to death in text, I’d like to give you some attractive graphs to look at instead.

#1 MHOC as it stood at the election vs FPTP

PartyGE SeatsFPTP SeatsChange
Plaid Cymru121
Green Party6104
Labour Party17214
Liberal Democrats13130
Classical Liberals107-3
Conservative Party3530-5
Libertarian Party UK14140
New Britain220
Climate Rebellion110
Communist League of Britain000
Something New!10-1

What can we take from this? Well other than the fact FPTP will clearly be fucking disastrous for getting anything done in Parliament (it being more hung than half the horses at the grand national) it appears FPTP for now favours the traditionally left parties. But where are the seats coming from/being lost?

It is important to note that under a 100 Seat FPTP we’d be changing the boundaries of these places and as such more seats will exist, splitting/coagulating voter bases, so while this looks crazy, it’s not an exact science.

It appears the biggest swings seem to happen in Scotland, with the Libertarians being utterly annihilated thanks to FPTP Boundary Changes, the greens picking up half of their new seats there and the Tories losing one. Other than that it appears to just be smatterings around the country in seats that aren’t particularly interesting.

So, what are your thoughts? Is FPTP the way to go? Do we stick with the wild system we have now that nobody truly understands? or do we just cancel MHOC? I’d like to say you decide but I forgot to install a polling plugin on this here blog so you’ll have to scream at me in discord or email

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