This article was written under the old DEFCON style system, therefore may be out of date by modern metrics.


Since our previous report on Doxgate, several updates have been confirmed to us as well as some developments, instead of writing them into the existing article and causing confusion, we have decided to write them into a new report.

Please bear in mind that as with the last report, a lot of this is from the points of view of certain people who may be biased.

So the first update we’ve received is clarification from Afinski that Evan was not actually bullied out by the meme squad and that he left because of the main chat and that the meme squads jokes about him remained internal, this was also confirmed by Ed_San.

Ed_San has confirmed several other bulletpoints from the AdmiralJones42 document were wrong but has since gone offline and I am unable to clarify which ones. It is also important to stress that he agreed a lot of the general information surrounding this scandal was correct.

It was also stated that AdmiralJones42 has somewhat whitewashed how deep his involvement in the chat was, several members of the chat as well as some out of it confirmed that he was a key component in finding WaywardWits address and that he used Evans dads picture as his steam profile picture for a while.

We received conflicting reports about his role within the chat as well, with some saying he was a Ringleader and some saying he wasn’t. We’re unable to verify just how involved or if he had any sort of de facto leader role.

Saku has also released a post about how things were from his view as a victim of some of the doxxing in the chat

SulemanCaine quits the sim

President jamawoma24 released a statement, slamming those downplaying the actions of the meme squad and calling for unity and support for the new mods.


ModelUSGovs new moderation team has also begun to finalize some investigations, announcing the following bans;


It is unclear whether there will be more bans but we will endeavour to report on them when we can, we have also asked the Mods for an interview post-bans to go through it all from their Point of View.

We’ve kept the Saltcon at 1 for the duration of this drama, primarily because there are now quite a few battles between ModelUsGovvers and MHOCcers over this. Several members of ModelUSGov (and the meme squad consequently) are unhappy about MHOC leaping to ban them permanently and immediately without doing what they call “due process”.

MHOC, with its intense dislike for doxxing incidents is fighting back saying that the proof is there and there is no more to it, doxxing is a permanent ban. This has begun to leak out into both main chats as skirmishes are fought between members.


The ModelUSGov mods have since released a statement confirming the bans and confirming independent investigations headed by DidNotKnowThatLolz.

If anyone from the accused party, the mod team, the victims or those not involved wishes to comment or clarify I am happy for them to either write an article or speak to me to get an article edited.




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