Ladies and Gentlesheep welcome back to our MNZP reporting. /u/AnswerMeNow1 is currently leading our brand spanking new Model New Zealand division, based out of our smallest cleaning closet which we’ve filled with baaaaaaaastards.

Now be careful of this article, because it was written by the person who was part of the drama, so it’ll probably be hilariously weird and break all sorts of prose rules. Right I’ll fuck off now and leave you in AnswerMeNows editorial hands. – Padanub

The release of the budget resulted in a totally unexpected but completely expected minor tidal movement. Health Man (BHjr132, Blockhead Junior 132) whinged that the budget took hours to craft lovingly out of wood and smoke, this prompted Former Green Prime Minister (AnswermeNow1) to angrily write an article with a whole 72 words!

imnofox, another former Green Prime Minister, then linked to the press release of the budget in their own rubbish, calling for RNZ’s funding to be cut because it was not being spent on journalism. A short lull followed and then finally the gale force winds struck.

AnswerMeNow1 used the b-word, imnofox used the s-word (belligerent and spin- what were you thinking?) and it was all together spicier than a nuns knickers on curry night. It concluded in AnswerMeNow1 telling imnofox to fuck off, and imnofox saying this broke the meta rules, which states that accounts can be banned for “violating the sacred code of reddiquette,” which is fucking hilarious because anyone who quotes redditquette in seriousness should be told to fuck off.

Bans are unlikely, but altogether this tidal movement was a late-night (well, early morning for you Brits) spice-fest that will most likely be forgotten amidst the shadow of the new election.

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