Saltcon goes Global

We’ve been reviewing our stats in order to help craft a better experience for Saltcon readers, and we’ve been taken aback by the support we have received recently, so here’s a post patting ourselves on the back.

  • Total Views – 1,700 (exact!)
  • Total Visitors – 560
  • Total Posts – 9

There’s two notes to make on these stats, views is times people have opened up our website and looked at it, these views are not unique.

Visitors is unique however, these are the specific amount of people that have accessed our website, showing that we have a strong following.


If we break this down on averages this means;

  • 188 Views per post (we will delve into post splits later)
  • 62 people came to the website per post
  • Each unique person read 3 articles while here


Now lets look at the Sagas(multiple articles) we have had so far in views (some articles are excluded as they do not fit into a Saga);

  • Shitstorm Rolo Sage – 397 Views
  • Tropical Cycshitlone Golux – 90 Views
  • Doxgate – 320 Views
  • Storm Drunk – 25 Views

It is important to look at these individually, now Shitstorm Rolo was posted at a time of heightened anxiety within MHOC, with a lot of people not knowing what happened and using Saltcon as the basis for news.


Cycshitlone Golux was CMHOC exclusive and our distribution networks in CMHOC are poor, resulting in fewer views.

Doxgate while on par with Shitstorm Rolo for drama was our first non-memey article and was also a few hours too late (past the golden time of posting to maximize viewers) but it has still drawn considerable viewing. Our initial Doxgate article is still our most viewed article, breaching 284 with Shitstorm Rolo at 137


Storm Drunk has only just been posted, but is MHOC exclusive and while we have a good network in MHOC, it will ultimately limit views.


But lets look at our country views!


Again this excludes some countries because WordPress apparently doesnt understand them????

Where are you viewing from? HMU if you’re our lonely South Korean fan.


But it shows that we are truly Mr Worldwide, Mr 305 and deserves lots of Dale.

One final point is our referrals, now while we primarily distribute via Discord, our reddit referrals are through the roof, showing that a lot of people do still use Reddit heavily to catch up on things. We are working on a more static distribution method for Reddit as currently we are mass posting everywhere, would people be interested in a Saltcon subreddit they could subscribe to, rather than me mass-posting on other subs?


If you run a ModelSub/Sim and want to be added to our distribution list, please PM me.

  • MHOCStrangersBar
  • ModelUSPress
  • CMHOCPress




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